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I'm just a poor chimera nobody loves me *It 's just a poor chimera from a poor herd* tiriririri~

My name is sam /Nice to meet ya ;D/ , my nickname is somichu.
I'm 18 years old.
Mexican Cosplyer.

I reblog/like: Tacos, cosplay, homestuck, Chris hemsworth, Percy jackson, dreamworks, KH, Iron man, Ximena sariñana, disney, sherlock, HTTYD, HOTD, HP, LoveCom, OHSHC n' things like that <3

:((&gt; Where are you, equius?&#8230;This is not funny&#8230;Equius&#8230;

:&#8217;V!!!!Somichu as Nepeta leijon.

:((> Where are you, equius?…This is not funny…Equius…



Somichu as Nepeta leijon.

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