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I'm just a poor chimera nobody loves me *It 's just a poor chimera from a poor herd* tiriririri~

My name is sam /Nice to meet ya ;D/ , my nickname is somichu.
I'm 18 years old.
Mexican Cosplyer.

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As I understand the Homestuck ancestors on Tumblr:














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ALL THE 16 + Monokuma

PuPuPu! haha here are some photos of our Danganronpa cosplay team on Animex 2014! Huh, yeah, it was aaaaawesome, thank you so much guys<3

Monokuma: Beka Asran
Makoto Naegi: Alex Lozano
Kyouko Kirigiri: Alexandra Evans
Sayaka Maizono : Akiharu 
Leon Kuwata: Shirahama Shisusa
Byakuya Togami: Tourin Ornitier 
Celes Ludenberg : Waka Yukari 
Touko Fukawa: Brenda Patricia
Hifumi Yamada: Isai Gzz
Aoi Asahina: Somichu Haddock
Chihiro: Cinthia Saltworks
Enoshima Junko: Sakura Hofferson
Mondo Oowada: Aída Sat
Oogami Sakura: Carolina Flores
Yasuhiro : Brian Moon
Mukuro: Karen Espinoza

Photos by. Naza hdz


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pafecto merhasbandos feeding their mates

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Wow Guardians of the Galaxy looks great

I am officially dead



Wow Guardians of the Galaxy looks great

I am officially dead

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The Gaang in The Legend of Korra.

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Camp half blood and camp jupiter have a karaoke group session(is this how you say it?? I’m not english or american, sorry), and this is Leo’s turn, althou he manages to drag Nico with him(I have more characters).

Song: Lonely Hearts Club - Marina & The Diamonds

That arrow thingy is supposedly Reyna’s spear.

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A   C O N T I N U A T I O N   O F   T H I S

NOTE: Because of many people’s similar reaction to my previous post, I feel the need to clarify that this series isn’t intended to have a Hans-apologist kind of vibe. My purpose here is not to excuse his behaviour in the film or to get people to pity him. I just wanted to add a little bit of ‘depth’ where it was suggested there were stories behind his actions. I’m basically trying to figure out a possible background and progression that could explain why and how he was shaped into a villain, if we accept some villains are made rather than born. But I get some people want this character to be evil for the sake of being evil, and that is completely fine! So please don’t get too upset over these, keep in mind this is just my take on a hypothetic past, loosely based on hints from the movie and what Frozen directors have revealed so far.

Inspiration from rennydraws for the 8th panel and donc-desole for the last one.

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We are so alike and yet we are not”

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Kk’s talksprite cosplay.

Hehe i think it’s almost done (i miss like 4 talksprites…but mhe maybe i’ll upload it later).

hmm..i’d like to make it gif…next time! yeah, i’ll do gifs next time!…maybe with nep’s talksprite lml

I hope you like it! ]:B<

Somichu as karkat vantas from homestuck.

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Emotions compilation? Shore! 38D

Meenah Peixes

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